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The Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads Area

If you’re looking for an area with superb resorts, fantastic beaches and great entertainment all summer long, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads are some of the best places on the east coast. With almost 500,000 people living in Virginia Beach, a lot of people have determined that it’s also an excellent place to live.

Miles of shoreline in the Chesapeake Bay area makes it a fantastic place for water related sports. Take classes in stand-up paddle boarding, surfing or kayaking. And even if you're not into water activities, there’s still plenty to do. Try our art shows, museums, or hiking trails in Seashore State park, for an escape from the ordinary.

Hampton Roads also provides endless opportunities to explore our early or recent history. Areas such as First landing and Jamestown are on our tour list, but there’s even more you’ll want to see. There’s also historic parks, James River Plantations, and Colonial Williamsburg for those interested in our past. Now, imagine living in this area, and everything you could experience - whenever you chose.

And don’t forget about the Norfolk area. Rich with history and great attractions, this is one place that has to be on your must see list. Nauticus, with its USS Wisconsin exhibit, the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and Fort Norfolk are just a few examples of what can be found in Norfolk, VA.

Whether you’re looking to come here on vacation, or move here, we think you’ll love this area as much as we do. 

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